Six Month Smiles in Fleet

Have you ever wanted straight teeth? Most adults would like to be able to change their smile.

Crooked teeth may make people feel self conscious, reserved or even ashamed of their appearance. Now, thanks to a revolutionary treatment called Six Month Smiles, the adults of Fleet and surrounding areas can smile bigger, brighter and more confidently with straight teeth.

Six Month Smiles uses clear fixed braces to gently straighten your teeth in an average time of only six months. Imagine having beautifully straight teeth in less time than your next dental check up is due! By focusing on the teeth that show when you smile and not making significant changes in your bite, Six Month Smiles can comfortably give you straight teeth and the attractive smile you have always wanted.

To find out if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles, just give our clinic a call on 01252 614818 to talk to our team who can book you in for a FREE consultation. At this consultation, we can discuss if we can give you straight teeth using Six Month Smiles. If you are suitable, the next step is to get some records of your teeth. Usually this consists of impressions (moulds) of your teeth, photographs of your teeth and usually some x-rays. The impressions are sent to the U.S to the Six Month Smiles centre who then construct the braces, customized to your mouth. About two weeks later, the braces are fitted to your teeth and the journey to straight teeth begins. Usually a review appointment is made every four weeks for an adjustment of the braces and to keep the progress under close review.

Many people in Fleet have already been through this process at Ancells Farm Dental Clinic, and have been amazed by how quick they have achieved beautifully straight teeth.

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