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Have you ever wondered if there is a simple, inexpensive way to fix your crooked teeth? Have you ever wanted an appliance that could do this in as little as eight weeks? If so, the Inman Aligner may be the answer for you.

The Inman aligner is a simple, removable brace that is ideal for correcting minor to moderate misalignment of front teeth. It’s speed is impressive and generally varies from eight to twelve weeks depending on the case and the number of hours a day is is worn. The Inman Aligner needs to be worn between sixteen to twenty hours a day, so it is possible to leave the Inman Aligner out for a few hours if your lifestyle requires this.

Our dentist Dr Will Shaw is a certified Inman Aligner practitioner and has a great deal of experience in the use of the Inman Aligner in creating beautiful smiles. He has been using this system at his dentist in Fleet for a number of years.


The Inman Aligner is a fantastic appliance to use in a process known as “Alignment, Bleaching and Bonding”. This is when the smile is progressively enhanced over a period of time starting with alignment of any crooked teeth with an appliance such as the Inman Aligner. After alignment, the teeth are whitened with a bleaching procedure. Then the edges of any worn or chipped teeth are restored using composite bonding. The Inman Aligner forms the basis of this procedure, as without alignment, teeth would have to be filed down and possibly veneers placed to achieve the same result.

The above images show perfectly how effective the Inman Aligner can be used as part of and Alignment, Bleaching and Bonding procedure. This patient got a beautiful new smile without damaging any of their teeth. The Inman Aligner was worn for a short period to align the teeth, teeth whitening was carries out to lighten the colour of the teeth, then composite bonding was used to restore any chipped or worn teeth. The Inman Aligner was also used to align the lower front teeth. The patient was thrilled with their new smile, especially with the fact that no teeth were damaged. The work carried out was so minimally invasive, that no injections were required throughout the whole of the transformation.


The Inman Aligner can be an extremely effective solution to a number of cosmetic dental issues. If you think the Inman Aligner may be able to help you, why not come and see us for an Inman Aligner consultation to find out what we can do?

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