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Replacement of old failing crowns to improve colour and shape of smile

Orthodontics and composite bonding to align teeth, close gaps and restore worn edges

Orthodontics to align teeth, then four porcelain veneers to improve shape and colour of front four teeth

Four upper porcelain crowns to restore worn teeth and improve bite

Composite bonding to restore three upper teeth, fractured in an accident

Whitening and composite bonding to upper front six teeth to restore worn edges and improve proportions

Fixed braces to align upper front teeth in under six months

Composite bonding to close spaces and improve proportions of teeth

Whitening and four porcelain veneers

Invisalign braces to align the upper and lower teeth

Fixed braces, composite bonding and whitening

Porcelain veneers placed on eight upper teeth to close spaces and improve proportions of smile

Home whitening, including internal bleaching of single dark, dead tooth

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